April 20, 2009

You cannot be a brand, an army of one, on your own . . . you need partners (not partnerships with contracts, shares etc)

A partner is  . . .

Someone/company that you work closely with, each getting referral business from the other. Each benefits from the reputation, experience and expertise of the other. Both work hard to cultivate their own client database. Both have their own marketing strategies. Each recommends the services of the other. Together they are more than the sum of each. The partners are more robust and viable as a result of each other. They work hard independently but enjoy the support of the other. They are in similar industries but do not offer the sames services e.g. a plumber and an electrician working together.

Money does not change hands between partners. Each is totally independent of the other but they work together for the good of both.

These kinds of partners are worth their weight in gold and should be looked after with the ‘bigger picture in mind’. The success of partners is not determined in a balance sheet or in equal shares.


Starting an online business

April 17, 2009

You know you are a brand. You know you have to create for yourself an online presence, showcasing your knowledge and expertise; you must lead, become a resource and build your own network.

You may however choose a more formal route and launch a new business, through which, to brand yourself.

How to earn a living online is a whole new world. The blog, “It’s My Business” is an excellent resources you may what to visit.

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Who blogs? SA survey results

April 14, 2009

So, who exactly is blogging in South Africa?

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Use the link above to go to the BizCommunity website and view the results of South Africa’s first blogging survey

Best SA blogs awards

April 14, 2009

So what does an award winning blog look like?

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Visit the link above on the BizCommunity website to discover the winning blogs in 22 catagories as determined by the 4th SA annual blogging awards.

Thought leader - Best SA blog 2008 (a M&G online product)

Thought leader - Best SA blog 2008 (a M&G online product)

Brands, Leadership and Fear

April 11, 2009

You need to manage your career like a brand. This means everything must be remarkable i.e. product, services, knowledge, marketing, public relations etc. Then it is easier to get people to buy into “You (Pty) Ltd”.

None of this is possible if you shrink from leadership. Fear must be minimized. Leadership is a position of service, so don’t worry about the ego-stuff. People don’t actually care about ‘you’. They merely want to use you as a stepping stone in your own story, in their own quest for meaning, lifestyle and fulfilment.

And yes, it is fun, challenging and gives meaning to your professional life.

A new business!

April 8, 2009
Sean Dercksen has been a Master of Ceremonies (MC) for his company for 10 years; its part of his job. He is also a gifted and animated story teller and impersonator; it’s his passion.

By joining his MC skill to his passion, and then separating this from his office-hours job, he has a new business providing an alternative income stream. Something he can take with him; something that makes him self reliant. Now launch it on the Internet with a website, blog and videos. The cost here is virtually zero.

Click here for a sneak preview of the pre-launch website

No! to sales and marketing

April 7, 2009

In the 1950 it was all about sales.

In the 1980’s it was all about marketing

Now it is about public relations. Successful businesses in this new conceptual age are powered by relationships with their niche market and in doing so, make sales.

This is a significant and important shift