Download and save YouTube videos

May 26, 2009

Downloading, saving and storing videos for later viewing (YouTube). There are a number of options. Here is my option of choice.

1) Mozilla Firefox is my browser of choice and it has an easy to use, media download tool as an add-on.

You can download a free copy of Firefox at Install it by double-clicking on the downloaded file. Click here

Firefox can import your list of favourites and bookmarks directly from Internet Explorer if you ask it to during the installation. This process will not replace Explorer; you will now have two browsers on your PC and can use either at any time.

2) Fire up Firefox and go onto the Internet. You need to download, from ,  the free Firefox add-on tool called ‘UnPlug‘ – it is a media download tool. (You will find it under ‘Download Management’). Click on the ‘Add to Firefox’ button. Your Firefox browser will now have a little green fish on the toolbar at the top. Click here

3) Now visit a website (like You Tube). Select a video. Click on the green fish icon. This will download and save the video to your PC. It will have a file name ending on ‘flv’

4) You cannot view an ‘flv’ file with an ordinary media player and so you will need to download a special viewer; I suggest VLC player as it plays EVERYTHING. Download it from Install it by double-clicking on the downloaded file. You can now use this program to open and play all manner of multimedia files. Click here

NOTE: With time this process will become easier as browsers see the need / demand for this type of task but to the best of my knowledge this is currently the easiest way to download and play YouTube videos.

NOTE: If the green fish icon does not appear on the Firefox toolbar you can choose, ‘View’, ‘Toolbars’, ‘Customise’ and drag it on with your mouse.

UnPlug Firefox add on. Media download tool

UnPlug Firefox add on. Media download tool

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Blog has the wrong name!

May 26, 2009

When you create your blog for the first time it is not clear what the difference is between your username and your blog name e.g. my user name is kitchencabinet100 but my blog name is

For this reason you may find that you end up with the wrong blog name. This is easily solved   . . . just go to the left hand pane and click on the Dashboard drop-down menu. Select ‘My Blogs’. From that dialogue box, choose ‘Register Another Blog’ and give the new blog the name of your choice. The first blog (with the name you don’t want) remains dormant (or you can use it to experiment with themse, widgets and other settings).

You can have as many blogs as you want. Each has its own unique name but they can all be edited with the same user name and password.

Your list of blogs will appear on your dashboard under ‘My Dashboards’

Photo resize nightmares

May 25, 2009

Photos are critical – they sell the dream!

Unfortunately there is a big difference between print and the web. To print a good quality image you need a large file size (bigger than 1Mb i.e. 1000Kb). For the web however, you need images to be about 70Kb in size.

Your camera assumes that you are going to print the images and saves large file sizes (this is called Hi Res(olution).  It is better for you to reduce the file size yourself rather than to rely on your blogging or gallery software, but this is often a time consuming process and requires special software

If you only have one or two photos, a quick way is to view the photo in your Windows and Fax viewer – the way most images normally open. Right click on the photo and up comes a sub-menu. One of the options is ‘Send to’. Choose this and you will be offered a number of destinations. Choose ‘Mail Recipient’. It will ask you if you would like to reduce the file size from the original – more options allows small, medium and large. Choose small.

Your mail software i.e. Outlook will open. Send the image to yourself which will allow you to save the file and then upload the image to your gallery or website in the normal way (see caution on blogs below).

Reduce file size of photos via 'Send to - Mail Recipient'

Reduce file size of photos via 'Send to - Mail Recipient'

Tip: Always try out the right hand mouse button, in every kind of situation. It offers additional options that relate to the current task thereby making your life easier.

Caution: For most blog themes the small size is still too big (i.e. 640 x 480) as the main column is usually quite narrow.  A better size is 450 x 340. This means that for blogs your own image resizeing software is still the best solution.

Opposition to your leadership

May 8, 2009

Some things just go together “like peas and carrots” (Forest Gump)

When you decide to stand up and stand out – create an useful online resource that people will need and use – opposition follows.

It is human to think, “Wow, look at the resources I have created, look at the service /information / solution I’m offering. People will just LOVE this”. Yes, some will and yes opposition, difficulties, obstacles, problems will simultaneously spring up out of the ground from nowhere. From finance to computer to health to people to communication, to anything else you can think of. That is just life.

This is why it is not always the best product, service or solution that makes it to the top – it is the one that will not let opposition stop it; it is the one that goes the distance; it is the one that just keeps going regardless.

So you have to combine perseverance and courage to the formula when you create your online presence and resources.

We need to lead

May 8, 2009

Creating a blog, becoming an information resource and branding yourself is all about leadership. In his insightful book “Tribes”, Seth Godin makes some observations about leading.

Leaders are not born; they are created when a person follows their passion and decides to lead. Leaders are generous people who are committed to the needs of their followers.

Leadership is not about power, authority, charisma  or good looks. It is about service, perseverance, determination and vision; leadership empowers other people.

Leadership is about a person seeing the need to change the status quo, in a particular niche, for the better. They are driven to make the change because they see a better solution, offer a better service / solution and know that they can make a difference.

So, the resources on your blog, in your videos, in your podcasts, your newsletters and everything else you offer is bigger than you think – there are people wanting you to succeed because you will make their story greater, bigger and more fulfilling.