One Day Course

Dead Men have White Collars is a one day classroom based seminar on how to use resources on the Internet to market yourself and your business.

It teaches how to create multiple income streams using FaceBook, YouTube, blogs, websites, podcasts etc. This weekly blog picks up where the seminar finishes giving additional insight into WordPress and current marketing trends and conditions.

Dead Men is based in South Africa. Click here for more


3 Responses to One Day Course

  1. goalcoach says:

    dead men have arisen…what a day and it is already the next day and i cant get enough.

    You sure fired me up, profound my foot, ignited indeed.

    Many thanks and for the birth of goalcoach today and your help getting started…and in advance for all the assistance you gonna give me -cheers

    ps your widget calander is in august?

  2. Marnus Steyn says:

    I would recommend the one-day course to anyone looking to increase there knowledge of “new age” marketing and communication tools. We dont need to “change” the way we do busyness we simply have to addapt and learn the latest ways to reach our audience/clients/prospective clients etc. Being a “selling” Principal of a Real Estate agency (RealPro) I find it increasingly helpful to engage in e-marketing methods but at the same time not loosing the personal touch.

    Hey, if there is something to be learnt, i am there like a bear! We can never stop learing ……… never!

    Tanks Steve, for a well presented and informative course. “A day well spent”

    • Hi Marnuss

      Thanks for the feedback and thanks for reminding us all that ‘new age marketing’ is how we touch our clients using new channels while we increase relationship and personal reputation.



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