Expenses assets and profit

September 29, 2009

In Old Marketing your expenses generate a profit e.g. you run a large ad campaign, you sell products / services to the few that respond and you generate a profit. To generate more profit you have to repeat the cycle over and over again; if you stop your profit dries up – there is no asset here.

This method remains popular because people want instant gratification; we are still a quick fix society but it is impossible to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

In New Marketing your expenses should generate an asset e.g. you run a small campaign / initiative, you make a few contacts, you build trust and credibility, you gain permission to speak to them on an ongoing basis, you sell them products / services over and over again without exposing them to the initial campaign. Demand for your products / services continues even when you stop – this is an asset that you can sell.

This method remains unpopular because people don’t want to take the time to build the network and invest in the relationships. That is why the people who do it well, do so well.


No to ONE big project

September 22, 2009

We are all confronted with the one BIG deal scenario. That deal that will make us for life and secure our future. One BIG deal eats resources and takes up so much time that we  are tempted to turn our backs on all other options, income streams, opportunities, partnerships and growth.

Don’t do it!!

The long road necessary for that ONE big deal if fraught with deal and life wrecking problems and challenges.

The long road necessary for that ONE big deal is fraught with life wrecking problems and challenges. Source - unknown.

Don’t focus exclusively on the one big project / opportunity / product. Big projects have a nasty habit of not happening for a variety of reasons beyond our control. I know of one project team that worked together for five years – sunk everything into a new venture (including retirement funds) only for the team to fall apart when the real money began to appear on the horizon; today they only talk to one another through their lawyers that they cannot afford to pay.

The joy of the Internet is that it allows us to multi-task, be project based, keep relationships warm, continue to build our network, grow our skills and build our personal brand at zero cost WHILE we partially focus on the one big deal.

This way we don’t live with regret and if the deal falls through it’s still business as usual.

Perfect time does not exist

September 16, 2009

So what are you waiting for?

What does it take to get you moving on your website, blog, podcast, Facebook, video, online-course, mass mail campaign, newsletter, community project? There was an old advert that said “You can stay as you are for the rest of your life or you can change . . . ”

Don’t wait for the perfect time. Don’t wait for the holidays. Don’t wait for the new computer. Don’t wait for help from a visiting son . . . . the perfect time will never exist.

Start today. It’s that simple  . . . and if it is not, put out a call for immediate help and fix a time and date. The old world will never return; marketing has changed forever; the old methods will just eat up valuable time and money; old habits will just frustrate and keep you in the rut you don’t want to be.

Look at the website, Michael Martin Photography home page below. Not only is it complety different but it points to a whole new way of doing things, different packaging, different marketing . . .

Michael Martin Photography home page

Michael Martin Photography home page

Often it is not seeing the light that gets us moving, but feeling the burn – dont wait for the BURN!.

Mail yourself resized smaller images

September 11, 2009

Cameras take photos for print (large files). The Internet however needs photo images that are much smaller and compressed to  . . .
fit in the space allocated in the blogging area  . . .
and to facilitate quick download times.

You can use Outlook to resized and compress in one easy step by mailing the images to yourself. There are two ways to do this – one works for blogs and one doesn’t! Here is the one that works  . . . . taken from Outlook 2003

Create a new mail addressed to yourself.
Attach the photo in the usual way.
On the right hand side you will see a small grey box called ‘Attachment Options‘. Click on it and you will see the sidebar shown below.

Resize photos using Ms Outlook

Resize photos using Ms Outlook

Open the drop down list under ‘Picture options’. Select ‘Small (448 x 336 px) – the exact blog friendly size you need!!

When you next download your mail the resized image (under 70Kb in size) will be attached ready to be uploaded onto your blog.

NOTE: The other method of select the image, right click, Send to, Mail recipient, make smaller – does not offer the blog friendly size of 448 x 336. It’s smallest option is 640 x 480 which does not fit into the allocated area as per your chosen blogging theme.

Adding static documents to your blog

September 3, 2009

If you have original (and often branded) documents that you want to share with your blog visitors, it is very useful to be able to add the original spreadsheet, word processor or Adobe pdf document directly into your blog for downloading.

Static branded documents for download

Static branded documents for download

Your visitors can now download, print and read the original document (it will not appear like the image above but as a link)

Click here to learn how to do this

Projects, community and friends

September 3, 2009
african child Part of your blogging effort is to build community. Part of New Marketing is the search for meaning – people want to get involved in something that makes a difference.

However  . . .  a word of warning. Do not attempt to mobilize your community, friends, database against a huge unsolvable, bottomless-pit of a project.  Consider Seth Godin advice below. . .

“If you’ve got a small, fixable problem, people will rush to help, because people like to be on the winning side, take credit and do something that worked. If you’ve got a massive generational problem  . . . we’re going to move on in search of something smaller. Not fair, but true.”

Click here to view Seth’s blog

Ensure that your community project is do-able.