People value interesting useful information

October 26, 2009

Today’s consumer wants valuable, useful, interesting, information in order to make informed decisions.

An article from the Custom Publishing Council poll, shows that consumers are increasingly attracted to marketing methods that include useful information:

* 68% say it helps them make better purchasing decisions when companies provide product information

* 78% don’t mind sponsors selling their products and services through custom publications — as long as the information is interesting.

* 74% say getting information from an interesting collection of articles is more appealing than getting information from ads.

Blogs, websites, videos and podcasts packed with interesting information will always find a dedicated market.

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Quick edit

October 19, 2009

The WordPress editor is slow particularly for those with limited bandwidth. This is a problem if you don’t want to change the actual text of a post, only the attributes.

The ‘Quick Edit’ option can be a huge help as it allows editing of all the attributes of the post without having to download the actual text.

Quick edit to change the attributes of a post

Quick edit to change the attributes of a post

The attributes of a post include the title, slug, date, password, private post, category, tags, allow comments, allow pings and the status (published, pending and draft)

Attributes of a post can be changed with 'Quick Edit'

Attributes of a post can be changed with 'Quick Edit'

Post by email example – picture attachments. 4 of 4

October 15, 2009

This is an example of a posting to a WordPress blog using an email with four pictures as attachments; as you can see WordPress makes a gallery of thumbnails.

The pictures had already be resized and compressed. Note that the file names became the picture captions and that the capital letters were changed to lower case in the process.


The WordPress gallery generator is an annoying piece of software and seldom works as expected. If you know that you are going to upload heaps of photos into a large number of galleries consider using photo service resources like Flickr or Photobucket . . . then link your WordPress blog TO the galleries on your chosen photo service.

Don’t try to mix single stand alone pictures with a gallery in the same post – the stand alone will also automatically be present in the gallery as well – this is sometimes a problem.

You may need to change the number of columns in the gallery so that the thumbnails arrange themselves properly.

Posting by email is very useful as it is blindingly fast and convenient compared to the slow performance of the WordPress editor. Editing existing posts however must still be done in the WordPress editor

This mail has four picture attachments.

Post by email example. 3 of 4

October 15, 2009

This is an example of how to post to your WordPress blog by email. Below is what the email looked like in Outlook.The images had already by resized and compressed (not sure how to do this? Click here to learn) They were then inserted into the email using the  ‘insert’, ‘picture’ commands from the Outlook menu (not attached – see following post)

Below the line is what the post looked like after it was uploaded into the blog by the WordPress system – note that they are displayed as single stand alone images and not as a thumbnail gallery (see following post)

Post to WordPress by email

This is an example of how to post by email


This is a group pic after a day of training


Post by email. 2 of 4

October 15, 2009

So now you can add a new post to WordPress by using email but what about images, photos, galleries, videos, audio, tags, categories and all the other cool things that go with blogging?

Use the link below for these topics which I suggest that you print out as it has some useful codes you need to use. There is also a video that you can watch.

Click here

Editing: To edit existing posts you will still need to use the WordPress editor.

Speed up slow WordPress – post by email. 1 of 4

October 15, 2009

Posting in the WordPress editor can be slow especially if you don’t have the bandwidth like my friend Jessie who lives on a game lodge in Botswana (yes, I’m jealous ok!)

You can however post to your blog by email; its blindingly fast, incredibly convenient and you can even do it off your phone.

First you must enable this service which will generate a secret email address for you to use.

Log in and go the the menu item called “My Blogs”. Next to the relevant blog is a post by email option. Enable it.

By hitting the new ‘regenerate’ option you can choose a secret email address like the example below. You can do this for some or all of your blogs and they will each get their own secret address.

Enable 'post by email' and regenerate to choose a secret email address.

Enable 'post by email' and regenerate to choose a secret email address.

In Outlook, create a new contact with a suitable name e.g. ‘Update Blog Eilertsen by email’ and record the secret email address in the email field – this way you don’t have to memorize it.

Open your Outlook and create a new email using the secret email address in the To field. Choose a suitable subject line as this will become the title of the post.

Type out the email body which will become the text of the post. Hit the send button . . . it’s as easy as that.

Ms Word and WordPress – Hot Tip

October 15, 2009

Preparing your post in Ms Word is a good idea because that gives you a permanent record (on your own harddrive) and gives you access to the spelling and grammar checker . . . however . . . Word saves a lot of code into the file that can mess up the layout in WordPress.

The inside of a Ms Word files showing code not neede by WordPress.

The inside of a Ms Word file showing code not needed by WordPress.

Get rid of this code by pasting it all into the little accessory program called Notepad (comes with Windows). Then cut and paste this text out of Notepad and into WordPress. This strips all the code off for you.

Notepad is under accessories in Ms Windows

Notepad is under accessories in Ms Windows