Blogging is not something extra

November 27, 2009

Blogging (podcasts, YouTube videos) and all forms of social media is not something EXTRA – it is in place of.

Blogs should be in place of mountains of long explanatory emails, memos, circulars, journals, product training, think-tanks, authoring in Ms Word, planning meetings, mentoring meetings etc

Podcasts, in place of endless staff meetings and training events.

Videos, in place of training seminars and motivational meetings.

Social media e.g. FaceBook in place of newsletters, emails and phone calls.

As long as you think of the new Internet tools as ‘something extra’ you will struggle to start or make a change in your circumstances.

“Destroy it all and start again.” – Tom Peters.


Legendary epic marketing events

November 25, 2009

New marketing has an emphasis on events and projects – epic, legendary, unique and fun.

The right event does not need expensive advertising on TV, radio or print. Catch people’s imagination and they will viral market your event for you – for free! And dont think people don’t have time – for the right event, they have all the time in the world.

A non-profit, one afternoon version of the ‘Amazing Race’ was held in Johannesburg recently. In its fouth year it attracted over 2000 people – and contestants went all out to get into the true spirit of the event.

The crowd at the amazing race -  Johannesburg

Contestants dressed up and many decorated their cars as well. Following the clues, competition was fierce to get to the winning line first and of course the after party was legendary!

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Western Australia Construction Boom

November 23, 2009

Starting mid 2010 Western Australia will start its next heavy industry construction boom in oil, gas and iron ore.

Between 25 000 and 38 000 new jobs will become available with over 160 billion Oz dollars being spent in resources and infrastructure over the next decade.

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Blogging works

November 17, 2009

Tavi Gevinson, a 13 year old from Chicago has set the fashion world alight with her fashion blog “Style Rookie” which she started in March 2008. Monthly she gets around 1,5 million hits.

She has just returned from the New York fashion week which she attended as special guest. In August she made the cover of British fashion magazine Pop, which has featured the likes of Kate Moss.

The message is clear – find a niche, follow your passion and do something unique; something that nobody else can do.

Tavi Gevinson from her blog "Style Rookie" - a style of her own.

Visit her blog here.