New Dead Men Roadshow

April 7, 2010

A new Dead Men road will be starting this month. The first venue will be in Johannesburg on 15 April at the Platinum Planet headoffices


Best new marketing blog

December 17, 2009

Some blogs are about as perfect as you can get and they have the stats to prove it i.e. in one year, 3 million visitors, 3500 followers on Facebook, 3800 subscribers to their RSS feed and 1600 followers on Twitter (Dec 2009)

The blog I’m referring to – Bike Exif an Australian outfit that specialises in classic motorcycles, custom motorcycles and cafe racers. Chris Hunter is their creative director.

Mac custom motorcycle

Click here to view post on Mac Motorcycle

The blog has a community. It is full of passion. It focuses on design; each motorcycle and photo is a work of art. Every motorcycle has a story and every owner and custom builder is profiled; everyone is important. They post almost every day. The blog content is tightly focused. You have a regular website and a mobile phone website. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook or via subscription (RSS feed) or a daily email.

Even if you are not a biker, this is a blog website we can all learn from!

Comments Discussion Blogs

December 15, 2009

On the old Internet (Web 1.0) communication was in one direction only i.e. from author to reader. On the new Internet (Web 2.0) communication is not only two way but is a community affair with everybody involved with comments on comments and entire conversations.

WordPress blogs allows reader comments and discussion but there are a number of settings that you can implement to control how comments work. Log into your dashboard and check out ‘Settings, Discussion’. Here you will find many different settings that can make comments work for you.

Wordpress - comment discussion settings

Proofreading grammar checking WordPress

December 3, 2009

A proofreading tool is very useful to get rid of things like passive sentences, bias, jargon and poor phrases.  Ms Word can do this task for you but so can WordPress (although it may slow down your system a little)

To enable proofreading and grammar checking open you dashboard by logging in. Go to ‘My Account’, ‘Edit Profile’. Here you will find many useful settings, including proofreading.

You can create a list of cultural exceptions relevant to your part of the world under ‘Phrases to ignore’.

Grammar checker in WordPress

Grammar checker in WordPress

Blogging is not something extra

November 27, 2009

Blogging (podcasts, YouTube videos) and all forms of social media is not something EXTRA – it is in place of.

Blogs should be in place of mountains of long explanatory emails, memos, circulars, journals, product training, think-tanks, authoring in Ms Word, planning meetings, mentoring meetings etc

Podcasts, in place of endless staff meetings and training events.

Videos, in place of training seminars and motivational meetings.

Social media e.g. FaceBook in place of newsletters, emails and phone calls.

As long as you think of the new Internet tools as ‘something extra’ you will struggle to start or make a change in your circumstances.

“Destroy it all and start again.” – Tom Peters.

Blogging works

November 17, 2009

Tavi Gevinson, a 13 year old from Chicago has set the fashion world alight with her fashion blog “Style Rookie” which she started in March 2008. Monthly she gets around 1,5 million hits.

She has just returned from the New York fashion week which she attended as special guest. In August she made the cover of British fashion magazine Pop, which has featured the likes of Kate Moss.

The message is clear – find a niche, follow your passion and do something unique; something that nobody else can do.

Tavi Gevinson from her blog "Style Rookie" - a style of her own.

Visit her blog here.

People value interesting useful information

October 26, 2009

Today’s consumer wants valuable, useful, interesting, information in order to make informed decisions.

An article from the Custom Publishing Council poll, shows that consumers are increasingly attracted to marketing methods that include useful information:

* 68% say it helps them make better purchasing decisions when companies provide product information

* 78% don’t mind sponsors selling their products and services through custom publications — as long as the information is interesting.

* 74% say getting information from an interesting collection of articles is more appealing than getting information from ads.

Blogs, websites, videos and podcasts packed with interesting information will always find a dedicated market.

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