People value interesting useful information

October 26, 2009

Today’s consumer wants valuable, useful, interesting, information in order to make informed decisions.

An article from the Custom Publishing Council poll, shows that consumers are increasingly attracted to marketing methods that include useful information:

* 68% say it helps them make better purchasing decisions when companies provide product information

* 78% don’t mind sponsors selling their products and services through custom publications — as long as the information is interesting.

* 74% say getting information from an interesting collection of articles is more appealing than getting information from ads.

Blogs, websites, videos and podcasts packed with interesting information will always find a dedicated market.

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Great photos and images needed

August 12, 2009

In our efforts to sell the story, dream, lifestyle and experience GREAT photos and images are vital for your website or blog. Consider the Levi Strauss website below – few words and huge visual impact portraying the lifestyle.

Levi Strauss website

Levi Strauss website

Because ‘meaning is the new money’ (Daniel Pink) having a give-back strategy is an important way to add an additional facet to a regular retail sale transaction. Currently Levi have a discount of up to R200-00 off a new pair of jeans when you donate your old one to charity via the bins in their Levi stores.

Levi Struass website

Levi Strauss website

A good digital photographic course is an excellent investment for your blog. Universal Image with four branches in Johannesburg is an option as they offer a number of different modules to suit everybodies skill level and personal interest – headoffice (011) 886 3116

Using Ms Word to check your writing

July 16, 2009

For the Internet you need to write well, using short sentences and simple words.  This translates to writing for the average 12 year old – grade 7 reading level. This does not mean that you dumb-down your content; just your writing style!

Ms Word can help enormously with its grammar checking tool if you prepare your posts in Word first.  In addition it can evaluate the reading level of your writing.

In Ms Word go to ‘Tools, Options’ and click on the Grammar tab. Choose Grammar and Style and tick ‘Show readability statistics’.

Ms Word - Check my grammar

Ms Word - Check my grammar

Click on ‘Settings’ to choose the characteristics of ‘Style’ (in older versions choose ‘Formal’). In newer versions you can tell Word how to check your style category by category. Make sure that you ask Word to look out for passive sentences – something you should never use!

Ms Word - Settings for writing style

Ms Word - Settings for writing style

When you have completed your piece (in Word) run ‘Check grammar and spelling’ from the menu; it will now give you the readability scores of your writing.

Ms Word - Flesch Reading Ease and Kincaid Grade

Flesch Reading Ease - Kincaid Grade - Too difficult!!

Flesch Reading Ease

High is easier and low is difficult.
90 – 100 is 5th grade
60 – 70 is 8 and 9th grade
0 – 30 is for college students only
Examples:  Readers Digest is around 65 (good for the Internet) while Time magazine is around 52 (style not suitable for Internet)

Flesch – Kincaid Grade

This number translates directly into the grade eg 6.3 is a style for a 6th grade student

Once you are happy with the results cut and paste your checked text from Word to NOTEPAD (a small program under Accessories – this removes the Word formating that will ruin the layout of your post). From Notepad cut and paste the cleaned text into a empty post screen in WordPress.

What to blog: How to find your passion

June 22, 2009

In the last 2 weeks over 100 people have attended the Dead Men have White Collars seminar; from CEO’s of business to CEO’s of households!

The first big question is, “What do I blog about?”. The answer to this question is your passion, but this is easier said than done.

To remedy this dilemma I have put together a questionnaire that is intended to focus your attention on the person you are. If you would like a free copy (I will not be uploading this onto the blog) you can request a copy by emailing me.

my email address

Best SA blogs awards

April 14, 2009

So what does an award winning blog look like?

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Visit the link above on the BizCommunity website to discover the winning blogs in 22 catagories as determined by the 4th SA annual blogging awards.

Thought leader - Best SA blog 2008 (a M&G online product)

Thought leader - Best SA blog 2008 (a M&G online product)