Best new marketing blog

December 17, 2009

Some blogs are about as perfect as you can get and they have the stats to prove it i.e. in one year, 3 million visitors, 3500 followers on Facebook, 3800 subscribers to their RSS feed and 1600 followers on Twitter (Dec 2009)

The blog I’m referring to – Bike Exif an Australian outfit that specialises in classic motorcycles, custom motorcycles and cafe racers. Chris Hunter is their creative director.

Mac custom motorcycle

Click here to view post on Mac Motorcycle

The blog has a community. It is full of passion. It focuses on design; each motorcycle and photo is a work of art. Every motorcycle has a story and every owner and custom builder is profiled; everyone is important. They post almost every day. The blog content is tightly focused. You have a regular website and a mobile phone website. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook or via subscription (RSS feed) or a daily email.

Even if you are not a biker, this is a blog website we can all learn from!


Blogs are a waste of time?

March 24, 2009

One delegate thought that a blog was a waste of time. What do the stats tells us?

During the month of February . . .

  • WordPress blogs had 1 970 822 992 pageviews
  • 1 million WordPress blogs got at least one visitor
  • 19 million individual posts got at least one visitor
  • 7 964 018 comments were posted by visitors

These stats are for WordPress only. There are four other major blogging platforms, so these figures are less than half of the activity on blogs for the month of February. Then there are still audio and video blogs . . .

Best of all. This communication and exchange of ideas happened without costing the blogger or the visitor anything. Now compare this to all other forms of advertising and marketing.