April 2, 2009

Two text box widgets have been added to the sidebar – see the two quotes at the bottom. These widgets can accept both text (and HTML for the boffs out there)

On the dashboard, under Appearance,  one can select a number of widgets (small programs) for your blog.  The text box widget can be loaded any number of times as each box just goes to the bottom of the sidebar one underneath the other.

These are particularly useful for quotes and special offers.



March 26, 2009

Widgets are little programs that you can load into your blog that offer more functionality, accessibility or convenience. They are to be found residing in the sidebar next to the posts. Not all widgets can be used on all themes.

On the dashboard, under Appearance, Widgets I . . .

1) Removed

Links (Blogroll) because it did not offer my blog anything useful

2) Added

Archive – so that my posts can be accessed by month and year
Calendar – so that visitors can see on which days new posts were made
Search – so visitors can search the blog for keywords
Pages – so visitors can access the fixed pages in a second, perhaps more convenient place
Categories – so visitors can access posts in an organized, categorized manner