Ultra focused niche market

August 28, 2009

Internet marketing and search engines best serve tightly-defined, ultra-focused, niche markets. How can you have competition if no-one offers what you do?

Best made axes

Best made axes

Consider ‘Best Made Axes’ – they make hand-made axes that are objects of art, items of fashion, collectibles; quality is expected, demanded and is not even news; they sell because they are cool, different and sexy (in a lumberjack kind of way) and price is of no consequence.

Visit their unique website site.

What makes your service / product different? Are you offering something that no-one can duplicate because it is uniquely you? Find and cultivate that uniqueness and then deliver it consistently; time and viral marketing will do the rest.


Be focused when writing for the Net

August 19, 2009

The Internet is only one way that you grow your business; if only 15% of your clients come from your blog, website, podcasts, videos then you are doing well because these clients arrive at zero cost.

The Internet is a big place and if you are going to be noticed you need to be micro focused on a niche market e.g. hoping to get to the top of the search engines on ‘property’ is unrealistic.

Become an expert and a resource in a very narrow field. This will make you stand out and bring in qualified quality clients e.g. ‘student accommodation in Bloemfontein’, ‘five-star game lodges in the Waterberg’ , ‘family holiday accommodation on the south coast’. Combine this expertise with being experience focused and project-based. In all things look for the story and some unique selling point.

As in all writing for the Internet, focus on keywords, using them repetatively and often.

What to blog: How to find your passion

June 22, 2009

In the last 2 weeks over 100 people have attended the Dead Men have White Collars seminar; from CEO’s of business to CEO’s of households!

The first big question is, “What do I blog about?”. The answer to this question is your passion, but this is easier said than done.

To remedy this dilemma I have put together a questionnaire that is intended to focus your attention on the person you are. If you would like a free copy (I will not be uploading this onto the blog) you can request a copy by emailing me.

my email address

A new business!

April 8, 2009
Sean Dercksen has been a Master of Ceremonies (MC) for his company for 10 years; its part of his job. He is also a gifted and animated story teller and impersonator; it’s his passion.

By joining his MC skill to his passion, and then separating this from his office-hours job, he has a new business providing an alternative income stream. Something he can take with him; something that makes him self reliant. Now launch it on the Internet with a website, blog and videos. The cost here is virtually zero.

Click here for a sneak preview of the pre-launch website

Your Passion

April 3, 2009

Johan Verster pointed out to me that it is easy to start a blog; what to blog was the real question! You’re right Johan.

In the seminar we talk about passion. Dig deep and find the topic(s) you are passionate about; topics to get you out of bed, topics to make you work on the weekend or take leave from the office. It cannot be ‘too safe’ and it cannot be already over-traded. That is why understanding fads, trends and staples is so important.

A book printed in 1970 by Dick Bolles called “What color is your Parachute”, is back on the best sellers list. Besides talking about “job-hunting and career-changing, its also about figuring out who you are as a person and what you want out of life”. (Time magazine 23 March 2009)

In this new world we have the resources and the freedom to follow our passions . . . what a joy, what a privilege – how scary! as we take responsibility for our own destiny and become self-reliant.