How many Facebook users are there?

October 13, 2009


According to Facebook they now have 2 290 512 524 users.

That’s a lot of people, a lot of communication, a lot of groups and a lot of talking and networking that you need to be part of.

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Projects, community and friends

September 3, 2009
african child Part of your blogging effort is to build community. Part of New Marketing is the search for meaning – people want to get involved in something that makes a difference.

However  . . .  a word of warning. Do not attempt to mobilize your community, friends, database against a huge unsolvable, bottomless-pit of a project.  Consider Seth Godin advice below. . .

“If you’ve got a small, fixable problem, people will rush to help, because people like to be on the winning side, take credit and do something that worked. If you’ve got a massive generational problem  . . . we’re going to move on in search of something smaller. Not fair, but true.”

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Ensure that your community project is do-able.

Facebook startup guide 101

June 24, 2009
Facebook start up guide 101

Facebook start up guide 101

Getting started in Facebook or needing a little more information on how to work with / manage your Facebook account.

The blog “What I learned today” by Nicole Engard has an excellent start up guide, step by step, with lots of graphics. Check it out!

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