Dead Men

Dead Men have White Collars

The world has changed – therefore the way we manage our careers MUST change; the way we market are services and business MUST change to ensure survival and viability in this unsettling new world.

Tom Peters says that 80% of all white collar jobs are going to disappear. Peter Druker says that the corporation is not likely to survive the next 25 years. David Ogilvy urges companies to employ dissidents and rebels. Daniel Pink says that meaning is the new money.

Seth Godin reminds us that the future is not the same as the present, but with cool clothes and flying cars; it is radically, shockingly, gut-bustingly different.

These thoughts are interesting, but HOW do we react? What do we DO to take advantage of the myriad of new opportunities ?  How do we CREATE new structures and what resources do we use in these difficult times?

I am the IT marketing manager director of a custom motorcycle company but I’m also a multi-income stream specialist. Using the resources of the Internet I have built recession proof structures ensuring viability and robustness. This seminar shows you “how to” and challenges you to make the paradigm shift.


The power of the Internet, opt-in newsletters, blogs, websites, forums, video-sharing and social media all offer the individual the power to brand themselves into an robust undownsizable business package.

This business and personal career management presentation has evolved into a full day seminar over the past year (2008, 2009, 2010). It leaves no stone unturned and the on-going seminar blog ensures that delegates are equipped to continue moving forward at their own pace in their own time

Steve Eilertsen

“Move from the

“white collar cubicle of uncertainty”
to the
“branded, networked, inventor-individual”,
using free internet services and software.”


4 Responses to Dead Men

  1. Hanneke says:


  2. Flic Blakeway says:


    Sounds awesome

    If I got 20 people together in Durban, what would you charge us?

    Thanks – happy day


  3. Hi Flic

    Thanks for your interest. Give me a call at our head offices. I do present in Durban but it’s more than simply the rate – it is also the venue, lunch (all day seminar) and refreshments that need to be organized.



    +27 11 467 8889 (office hours)

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