Seminar details

Dead Men have White Collars


Arranged during the booking process


09h00 for 09h15 to 15:45 – Day seminar


Arranged when booking is complete


R750-00 (Lunch & Refreshments Included – cost of venue not included as many companies have their own in-house venue)

How to

Essential. Booking only confirmed when payment is made.
Phone Platinum Planet 011 467 8889
Let us contact you.  


10 Responses to Seminar details

  1. Please contact me regarding your IT Seminar in CT tentatively for 23 June
    082 8000 789

  2. Petra Venter says:

    Are you doing a seminar in Durban? We would like to attend if you do so.

  3. Chrystal Ball says:

    Please advise of Durban dates as indicated by Cherie at her roadshow. Thanks.

  4. Clive Lovelock says:

    I want to book for the 14th July for two people but nowhere do you have a “book a seat” link. Surely you should make it as easy as possible to book–not even sure if this is the correct way to get to make a booking.

    • Morning Clive

      Thanks for your valid comment.

      An automated booking and payment system is avoided. It is the contention of the course that a human and emotional link between the product, the provider and the client be made as soon as possible. Even if a negative response is illicited from a client, making a comment makes them emotionally involved. The service provider can work an emotional link to their benefit more than an efficient, sterile, de-humanized approach.

      I would welcome you and Lydia on the course to discuss this matter further.



  5. Walda Botha says:


    The venue for the seminar in Mokopane(Potgietersrus) on 23 July 2009: Mokopane Golf Club. 9hoo am for 9h30. Contact: Walda Botha 0720300708

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